Roy Wood Jr. - Father-Son Moment

Roy Wood Jr.: Father Figure Season 1, Ep 1 02/19/2017 Views: 1,603

Before Roy Wood Jr. begins taping his special, he starts teaching his son lessons that he might not be ready for yet. (0:52)

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Look, I'm probablynot gonna live long enough

to teach you everythingyou need to know,

so let's just run througha couple things real fast.

Number one, I need you to treatwomen with respect always.

Even if you thinkyou're right, be respectful.

Number two, don't mixwhite and dark liquor.

That's how you end upin the back of a police car.

Speaking of which,get you a white friend.

Black men with white friendsare 38% less likely

to be shot by the police.

Are you listening?

You just gonna stare at me.

(baby cooing)

You just gonna stare.That's what you're gonna do?

This is serious stuff, man.

I'm gonna put thison video for you,

and when you're old enough,

you come backand watch it, deal?

All right, deal.

(audience cheering)

Thank you,Frederick Douglass.

(cheers and applause)