Kurt Braunohler - List of People to Kill

Mike Lawrence, Andy Zaltzman, Kurt Braunohler, David O'Doherty Season 3, Ep 4 08/10/2012 Views: 22,143

The first room of Kurt Braunohler's apartment is covered in his writing. (1:51)

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I've been writing all of my stand-up

on these giant, poster-sizedpost-it notes.

They're, like, big, and so,uh,

when you come into the firstroom of my apartment,

it is literally covered in mywriting.

And my friend Albertinacame over the other dayand she was like...

"you can't bring a womanback here because

you look like the Uni-bomber."

And I was like, "theseare all funny jokes!"

And she said, "it just sayshere,

'do bad decisionsexist' question mark."

And I was like, "that'sa funny joke."

And she's like, "that's a[bleep] crazy person thought."

But this was her idea.

She said, "what you should do isyou should write on your wall

'List of People I Need ToKill' and then have,

"like, eight names with thefirst one crossed off."

I was like, "that is funny."

So I did that and then I thoughtit would be even funnier

if the last namejust said "random."


So then flash-forward, like,three months and I have finally

convinced a young lady tocome back to my apartment

with me and as I'm putting thekey in the door, I remember

that I have a list of peopleI need to kill on my wall

that needs some explaining.

The door opens, she sees it,she freezes.

I kind of go into repairmode.

I'm like, "uh, I'm acomedian, this is a joke."

And I calm her down... but thenI just can't help myself.

And I slowly crossoff "random."