Jeff Dunham - Achmed Loves Los Angeles

Jeff Dunham: Unhinged in Hollywood Season 1, Ep 1 11/01/2015 Views: 77,676

Jeff Dunham talks to Achmed the Dead Terrorist about a new career opportunity and the reason why he feels at home in Los Angeles. (1:09)

So I understandyou flew in today.

-Yes.-On a commercial airline?

-Yes.-No problems?

-Like what?-You know.

The TSA, the x-ray machine.

You idiot.

For you, it's an x-ray.

For me, it's a selfie.


So are you enjoyingyour time here?

Oh!Very much.

I get recognized alot in Hollywood.

I was out in frontof the theater today

signing autographs.-Huh?

They thought Iwas an Olsen twin.

Ha ha.

It's not funny!


I kill you!

I love this stuff.

That reminds me.

Did you know I have been addingto my career skills lately?

Doing what?

I am now not justa dead terrorist.

I am a dead cyber terrorist.


A cyber terrorist?

Don't forget tolike me on Facebook.

You know, Achmed, maybefor a different line

of work you could do somethingthat would help people.

Like what?

I can answer a suicide hot line.

I'd be like, no, no.

You're fine.Go ahead.

You're good.