Brandon Wardell - Beefing with Big Sean

Weekend at Adam's Season 3, Ep 10 05/05/2016 Views: 4,509

When word got out that Brandon Wardell was talking smack about Big Sean, another celebrity jumped to the rapper's defense. (1:23)

So I watch a lot of, uh,

there's this YouTube talk showthat Snoop Dogg hosts

where it's just, uh,, like,ten-minute videos

of him talking withother rappers and, uh,

he has this video where he'stalking to Big Sean about sex

and the whole conversationis just Snoop being like,

"Oh, so, Big Sean, you everbeen with an Asian woman?"

And then Big Sean's like, "Oh,yeah, that Asian persuasian."

And Snoop's like,

"Big Sean, you ever beenwith a Hawaiian woman?"

Big Sean's like,"Oh, yeah, that Maui wowee."

And, like, the more I watched,the more I was just like,

"Oh, Big Sean'sjust never had sex.

"He's just rhyming.That's it.

Big Sean's for surea virgin."


And so, like, I had been tellingthat joke on stage for a while,

and then a friend of mine wasat the same party as Big Sean,

and got black-out drunk,

walks up to Big Seanand goes, uh,

"Hey, man, there's this comedianBrandon Wardell.

He says you get no pussy."

And then, like, Big Sean'sgirlfriend at the time,

Ariana Grande,is on his lap

and goes,"Uh, yeah, he does."

Which, like, everythingabout that interaction

is fucking insane.


Right?Like, it's--

it's like if youwalked up to Jay Z

and you were like,

"Hey, uh, Jay Z,I heard you have no money."

And then Jay Z's accountantwas just on his lap like,

"Uh, yeah, he does."

All right,my name's Brandon Wardell.