Kurt Metzger - The Worst Curse Word

Kurt Metzger: White Precious Season 1, Ep 1 07/11/2014 Views: 22,101

Kurt Metzger asks the audience what they consider to be the worst curse word, and he gets the right answer immediately. (1:47)

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Let's just figure outsome ground rules

with this crowdso just I know what's okay.

What do you guys thinkthe worst curse word is to say?

- [bleep].- Yeah.

You answered thatvery quickly,

and that was the right answer.

The C word!

Oh, it's a terrible word.

That's the one my momtold me to never say.

I wasn't even saying it.

She just kicked open the doorto my room--

"Don't say '[bleep]'!Please!"

Very important to her.

But it is the worst word.Right?

You guys look like a nice--are you a couple?

If I call her that,you're gonna

have to fight me right now--you.

You're gonna have to climbon this stage,

guy who kind of looks likeBruno Mars,

and fistfight me.

That's gonna happen.

Call people "[bleep]"?

But if I call you a dick,

she don't have to do nothing.

She can just laugh at you

and also call you a dick,you know?

On TV, they're gonna bleepall the "[bleep]" I just said,

but "dick"--that's gonna comeright over the air,

me calling you a dick.

And what are you even gonna doabout it?

Nothing,'cause you're a dick.

That's what.

Is that fair to you?

It's not.

That is not fair.Right?

'Cause that's the same insultas [bleep].

That's not a different insult.

"You are genitals."

That's the same messageof insult.

But "[bleep]" is so much worsefor some reason.

Why is that?

I'll tell you why.

It's because "dick"is also a nickname,

and that is why.

It just comes down to that.

It could be Richard,so there you go.

Nobody's like,"I'm Catherine,

but call me [bleep]!"

Nobody says that.