Roast Battle II: New York Regionals - Zac Amico vs. Evan Williams - Exclusive

Roast Battle II: New York Regionals Season 2, Ep 1 01/01/2017 Views: 1,322

Zac Amico brings up Evan Williams's shocking family history in this deadly battle at the Comedy Cellar in New York City. (1:35)

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- [Voiceover] Let's roast!

- Guys, Evan is in greatshape, what can I say?

I love home-cookedmeals from my alive mom.

(audience laughing)

The only recipe Evan's mother ever left him

was her toxicology report after she OD'd.

(audience laughing tentatively)

- [Audience] Oh!

- Your mom's serving unlimited breadsticks at Olive Garden.

My mom might be in hell, your mom's living in it, okay.

(audience laughing)

Zac recently did a show at a nudist colony, well,

it was a nudist colony.

Now it's a PTSD support group.

(audience laughing heartily)

- Evan puts the bro in my-little-brother-


- Oh, (laughing) Oh my gosh.

(audience laughing)

(Evan moaning)

- Because when you grow up with someone

with a fatal lung disease,

you'll always be hauntedby their coughin'.

(audience laughing)

- [Audience] Oh!

(bell ringing) (yelling)

- Good job man, good job, buddy.

- Evan Williams

Zac Amico

- That was the fucking saddest thing I've ever seen

and my bathroom has a mirror. (audience laughing)

I think Zac was just a little more clever and consistent.

I would give it to Zac.

- Ah shit, Ducklin Dynasty, this motherfucker's dope.

I got it even, like, I give, I think it's a tie,

but that's just me.

- You know by a slim margin,

I think Zac Amico won that Roast Battle.

- Your winner, Zac Amico!

Hug each other.

- (Voiceover) Battle, battle, battle, battle, battle!