Officer Jay Season 1, Ep 1 02/01/2007 Views: 113,765

Sarah drinks too much cough syrup and hallucinates while driving. (1:58)

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Ohh, no thank you!

Ooh, this one's orange.

Mmm. Here we go.


Oh, that's the one.

That is good.

"Maximum Strength.Nighttime use only."

Like my body knowswhat time it is.


[upbeat rock music]

[loud roaring]

[music slows down]

[whimsical children's music]



[voice slow, distorted]It's beautiful.

Ooh, Scott Land!


Hey, Sarah!

You look really thin.

You should eat something.

Oh, Loch Ness Monster,you're the best!

I am!

[both laughing]

We're terrifictogether.[knocking]

I love you!

Ma'am, do you know whyI'm standing here?

You got all-seasonhigh school?

Have you been drinking?

Huh? No.I--I got tired,

and I thought this would bea good place to pull over.