Get Off the National Stage - Kellyanne Conway Tries Comedy

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 01/25/2017 Views: 337

Erik Griffin, Jenny Zigrino and Andrew Santino brush up on their emcee skills and welcome awkward stand-up comedian Kellyanne Conway to the stage. (1:51)

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Kellyanne Conwayis Donald Trump's

senior advisor who always

-looks like she's getting amimosa enema, and also... -Ugh!


She coined the term"alternative facts,"

or as they aremore commonly known,

huge burlap sacksfilled with liquid bull (bleep).


Well, great news for comedy.Do you guys like comedy?

-Do you guys love comedy?Yeah. -(applause and cheering)

-Eh.-HARDWICK: Then I...

Then I have gotsome awesome sauce

-to dump all overyour flavor buds. -(laughter)

A recent video surfaced

of Conway trying stand-upat a charity event in 1998.

Let's take a look.

Just one of those days.

But, you know, everybody'swondering about my leg.

It's the first thing they ask.

"Kellyanne, what happenedto your leg?"

I'm like, "Well, everybody heardI was doing this comedy show,

and they're like,'Break a leg,' so I did."

And you think dumb...blondes are dumb.


Well... she's better at thatthan politics.


-Oh!-HARDWICK: Comedians...

-(applause and cheering)-Huh?

No. No.

That was mean. That was mean.

-She's the same at that aspolitics. -(laughter, groaning)

Comedians, I'm sure you've allMC'd a comedy show or two.

That's what happenswhen you start out.

Young comic,you got to MC the shows.

So if you were hostingthat show,

what would you sayto bring this comic on stage?

-Andrew. -This next guy sayshis name is Kellyanne?

-(laughter)-HARDWICK: All right. Points.

-Jenny.-This next comic on the stage is

supposed to wrap it upin five minutes,

but we're making her carryto term-- Kellyanne Conway!

-HARDWICK: Points.-(laughter)

-(applause and cheering)-Yup. Yup.

Erik Griffin.

This next comiconly dates Republicans,

so she's never hadher (bleep) eaten.

-Ladies and gentlemen,Kellyanne Conway! -(laughter)

HARDWICK:All right, well, that was a...

(cheers and applause)