Jono Zalay - Anti-Vaxxers & Aerodynamics

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Former scientist Jono Zalay has some information he'd like to share with Bette Midler and people who think their children can get autism from vaccinations. (1:25)

- Some white peopledon't get their children

vaccinated because they believe it causes

autism despite the fact it does not.


In fact, the only thing has been shown to cause autism

is a gene that's associated with higher intelligence

so smarter parents have a greater risk

of their children developing autism.

Which is a catch-22, because you're the kind of parent

who doesn't get their child vaccinated,

based on irrational fear, you're not smart enough

for your child to get autism, you're just dumb enough

for your child to get whooping cough.


Even though I no longer do research,

I still know so muchscience that it's ruined

my appreciation for normal things.

Did you guys know it should actually be,

"You are the wind above my wings"?


But Bette Midler doesn't know shit about aerodynamics.