Uncensored - Welcome to the Underground

Joe DeRosa, Jermaine Fowler, Jay Oakerson Season 1, Ep 1 04/13/2014 Views: 2,140

After warning the crowd about the kind of show that they're about to see, Dave Attell enlists the help of one audience member for the rest of the night. (0:48)

I'm Dave Attell.

This is the underground.

Oh, man, this is gonnabe a good show, I can feel it.

Now, I gotta tellyou right away

that this isa uncensored show, okay?

No bleepity-blaps orbloopity-blops.

None of those robotcome noises here, all right?

Just good old fashionedfilthy humor.

So, let's see whatwe have here tonight.

Of course we've gotthese guys.

What's up--Are you guys a couple?

Good talkingto you-- Next.

(laughing)All right, anyway, wow.

Who are you, dude?

What'syour name, sir?


Zack, you look like an inventorof something no one needed.


Will you bethe camera person?

Sure.Okay, cool.

It must be hard to do this andalso run Willy Wonka's

chocolate factory.

You got it?