#HashtagWars - #DrunkBands

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 01/25/2017 Views: 204

Erik Griffin, Jenny Zigrino and Andrew Santino get famous bands a little tipsy. (1:29)

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Now-now it's timefor tonight's #HashtagWars.

(cheering, whistling)


This Sunday marksthe anniversary

of the 18th Amendment, whichbanned the sale of alcohol.

This period in historyis the setting

for Ben Affleck's recent,uh, not-hit film,

Live by Night.

So by the transitive property,prohibition is responsible

for the film Live by Night, so (bleep) you, prohibition!

(cheering, applause)

Now, uh, I-I'm a simple man,I do not partake in the alcohol,

but the right to dump boozein our face is as American

as the right to dump poopin our pants

after we've dumped boozein our faces.

So let's sing a songto lovely Lady Alcohol

with tonight's hashtag#DrunkBands. #DrunkBands.

Examples might be, uh,Designated Duran,

and Pabst Blue Oyster Cult.

Let's... put 60 secondson the clock, and begin.

-Jenny.-Ghostface Tequila.

-Yes, points.-(audience whooping)

-Andrew.-Van Hurlin.

Yes, points. Erik Griffin.

-The Black Out Peas.-Yes, points.

-Andrews.-Blink Point 182.

-Points. Very good.-(laughter)

-Jenny.-Uh, Amy Manischewitz.

Points. Very good.


-Points.-(laughter, cheers)

-Andrew.-Barf Brooks.


-Jenny.-Fetal Alcohol System of a Down.

-(laughter)-GRIFFIN: Ooh, ooh, ooh.

Ooh, ooh.

-Andrew.-Last Night Was a Blur.

-Points. Very good.-(laughter)

-Erik.-Panic at the Checkpoint.

-Okay, points. Very good.-(cheering, applause)