Uncensored - Sean Donnelly - Living with a Woman

South Beach Comedy Festival 2013 Season 1, Ep 7 04/20/2013 Views: 1,139

Sean Donnelly had no idea that he needed a bed skirt. (1:21)

-Do you learn a lot of thingsfrom living with a woman?

From living-- Ilearned a lot of stuff.

From living with my wife--that was the first woman

I lived with.

I didn't know this.

I had no idea thatyou need a bed skirt

when you-- did youguys know that?

You need a bed-- whenyou live with a woman,

you need a bed skirt.I didn't know that.

I never had a bed skirt.

There's no use for a bed skirt.

I mean, before Imoved in with my wife,

I used to live an assassin OK?

I used to have a single duffelbag I'd put all my clothes in.

I had one light bulb,used to sway back

and forth dramaticallylike that.

And those black gloves.

I had one of thoselong instrument cases.

I wouldn't put gunsin there, but I'd

put, like Reese's Pieces andOreos and shit like that.

Like an assassin lives.

A fat assassin lives.

Now I got a bed skirt.

It's crazy.

The other thing I learned fromliving with my wife-- I'm just

gonna say it-- if you'veliving with a woman,

you know this-- Ifound out bath mats

aren't supposed to get wet.

I found that out.

Did you know that?

I got yelled atevery day of my life.

Every day, dude.

Every morning, mywife goes, what

are you do in there all morning?

The bath mat gets so wet.

I go, well, I'lltell you what I do.

I take a shower like afucking man, that's what I do.

I rip the faucet off the wall.

I spray the fucking walls.

I need a super fucking shooter.

I wash my balls.

I take my foot.

I put it on there and Igo, you work, bath mat.

You do your job.

You're a bat mat.

Can't get wet.

What are you, a gremlin?