Tommy Johnagin - Thanksgiving Argument

Tommy Johnagin Season 3, Ep 3 06/13/2014 Views: 12,390

Tommy Johnagin finds out the hard way that his non-verbal communication with his girlfriend needs some work. (1:38)

We went to Thanksgivingdinner one night.

Uh, it was Thanksgiving.

Um, I don't know why

"one night" happened just then.Um...

We went to Thanksgivingat her friend's house,

and, uh, before we go in,she said,

"Don't get into any arguments."

I like to drink,and I like to argue for fun.

And she said, "Don't get intoany arguments," and I said,

"I'm not going to argueon the day of our Lord."

"What are you talking about?"

So, we go into Thanksgiving, andthere's this British woman there

who shouldn't evenbe celebrating Thanksgiving

if... you ask me.

So, we go in,and the news is on,

which is never good,and the news is on,

and there's a storyabout a pedophile.

And she said,"Pedophiles are the worst."

And I was, like,"No arguments here.

They're real bad."

And then she said,"If I met one, I would know

that they're a pedophileas soon as I met them."

And I said, "No, you wouldn't."

And then she goes,"Oh, I totally would.

I'm really goodat reading people."

And I said, "You're crazyif you think that."

I called her crazy,and then, I said,

"If that's a power you have,

"we would just have you meetall the people,

and then, we would get ridof that problem."

And then, my girlfriendsqueezed my leg real tight

like we were on a plane that wasexperiencing light turbulence.

And I knew that she meant,"You have to win this argument."


I won the argument,and I found out

our non-verbal communicationisn't quite as good

as I had thought.

It's definitely notwhat she meant.