A SXSW Minute with Akilah Hughes - The Smell of Patchouli in the Air

03/17/2017 Views: 276

Akilah Hughes wanders around South by Southwest to talk to comedians and festivalgoers about Austin, Texas, and the Alamo. (0:59)

- It's Akila and I am with Comedy Central

at South by Southwest trying to talk to some people

about what South By is about.

How's the festival treating you?

- Crazy.

I got shot.

- You know Austin's an amazing comedy town.

- What's your favorite thing about South by Southwest?

- You got people playing the guitar,

you can smell the patchouli.

You will just get in the zone.

- So when you say patchouli, are you talking about weed?

- Yeah, there's a lot of it.

- All right, that was acool way of saying it.

- Is everything bigger in Texas?

- My dreams are bigger.

This wifi's fast and my bumble is loading.

- Black or pinto beans.

- Pinto.

- Racist.

- They're beans of color, they're not like fava beans.

- Do people tell you all the time that you look like

if Martin Luther King'sdream was realized.

- One day that blackpeople and white people

and Mexican people cancome together in Austin

and be weird.

- [Akilah] Do you remember the Alamo?

- Is that when pie has ice cream on it?

- It was one of the first gay bars.

A lot of people don't know that.

- Tindr is basically my Alamo.

- Your Alamo.

It's my Waterloo.

- It's my Normandy.

- Thank you, I really messed that up.

I'm so sorry.

- It was cute.