Be a "Hor"

Working Season 1, Ep 9 05/09/2007 Views: 19,753

Eulogio shows off his skills at a mall makeup counter, and Alan becomes overwhelmed at his job in the food court. (2:23)

Yeah, when thathappens, sure.

How long is it before

some of the fringesof the benefits--

I don't know,a company car, or...

There's no car,there's no company car.

Never?It's crazy,

but they expect you to findyour way here on your own.

It's insane.You know, I don't knowif this is going to...

(music playing)

ALAN: I'm sorry about that.

Okay, now,what did you have again?

SEBASTIAN:Well, then, I'm,like, pounding three hoes

at the same time, right?Right, right, right.

Like, and all threeof them hollering my name some Destiny's Child typeof harmonies, you know?

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow,ow, ow.SEBASTIAN:They're like, ♪ C-Bass...

Okay, just...

And I was just like, "Singthat, ho, sing my name, ho."

Excuse me.

It's getting kind ofbusy out here, Sebastian.

I need your help.

Maybe you couldgive me a hand?Look, man,

I'm an assistant manager.

You're just a server.

You don't tell me what to do.I'm your boss.

Get back to work.

Pick that up.Pick it up!

MANAGER:Did you hear?I'm picking it up, sir.

Get your monkey assback to work.

Them collard greens ain'tgonna serve themself.


See, he ignorant.It's just, you know,

it's how he was raised,you know.I don't understandpeople like that.

You don't just come in and interrupt somebody

in the middleof a story.We're trying torun a business.

WOMAN:I'm using a productcalled Pink Champagne.

And what it is, it's somethingvery light, very fresh.

Well, it's a little pink

but your skin toneis a little uneven.

Not feeling that? Okay.

Well, what I'm goingto do is make it

a little more subtle...

Excuse me. Hi.

I'm really, really--I apologize. Sir.

I just... look... but,look, no, no, no.

Look.And now it's all blended.

Egyptian Whip is the technique.

How did you...

Roll it out.Roll it?

Yes, yes.Roll and pull.

That's amazing.A little softer, but...

A little softer? Okay.

Will you be a glazed peachand grab me Tuscany Afternoon?

On the thirdshelf, number five.

Number five.You got it.Yes.

Just-- Hello.

The structure,this is the genetics.

You see what I'm saying?

And laterwe'll do the hair, but...There.

That is just breathtaking.

EULOGIO:Thank you so much.

She was so pasty and bloatedwhen she came in.

I felt sorry for you.

And I got stuck with her,so what are you going to do?

Now look, huh?She's, uh...I know.

This is crazy,

and I'm just going to speakoff the top of my head,

but we're kind of shorthanded.

Would you liketo be a H r?

I would loveto be a H r.


Let me get you a smock.

Oh, that's goingto be fabulous.