Ahhh! Cappella - Guess Who Didn't F**king Come to Rehearsal?

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After watching performances from offbeat a cappella groups, Matteo Lane, Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig answer questions about the unusual singing groups. (4:05)

A cappella's seena resurgence of popularity

in recent years, thanks to Glee, the popular movie Pitch Perfect

and the overall declinein bullying.

-This, of course...-(laughter)

This, of course, is an image

of the world-famousYale Whiffenpoofs,

all of whom are now extremelysuccessful professionals

whom you can easily beat up.

-(laughter)-Uh, but thank you...

thank you to the Internet,there's documented proof

that all a cappella is...

just, uh,not all of it's that great.

Some of it's, uh, just okay.

So, comedians,I'm gonna show you a clip

from a bizarre a cappellaperformance, and for 250 points,

I would like you to answera question about it.

First up, these fedora fanatics.

-HART: Oh, God.-LANE: Oh, God.

-(others singing operatically)-♪ Fedoras, they're awesome ♪

♪ Fedoras,they're awesome ♪

♪ Fedoras, they're awesome ♪

♪ Fedoras,they're awesome ♪

♪ Fedoras are awesome

♪ Fedor... as.



Hey, guess who didn't(bleep) come to rehearsal.

-(laughter)-LANE: Yeah!

-(whooping, applause)-Yeah!

-What? -So what else doesthis guy think is awesome?

-Mamrie. -Having group sexwith his weirdo friends.

-(laughter)-Yeah. Absolutely.

Points. Uh, Matt... Matteo.

I think he really likeshis couch he bought

-from the set of Roseanne. -(laughter)

It was a historic show.



(deep voice):I'm straight.

(Hardwick laughing)

HART:That's my first!


HARDWICK (deep voice):That is how we all talk, Matteo.

-LANE: Yes. I like women.-I sure can't wait

to put myselfinside this vagina.


Yeah, I love puss.


-Yeah!-Tell me about it.

I like 'em big,I like 'em small,

I like 'em all types.

I like 'em long.


Next up, next up, these fellasgetting ready for Hanukkah.

♪ I have a little dreidel

♪ I made it out of clay

♪ And when it's dry and ready ♪

♪ Oh, dreidel I shall play

♪ Oh, dreidel,dreidel, dreidel... ♪


-(applause, whooping)-I mean...

they sound pretty good.

(Lane groans)

What is...what is this group's name?

-Matteo.-98 Degrees. In these sweaters?!


-(applause) -Oy vey!

-Uh, Mamrie.-Uh, Jewy Lewis and the Jews.



(laughter continues)

-Whew!-♪ The power of the Torah

-♪ Is a curious thing. -LANE: Yeah.

-Grace.-Oh, Notown.

-(laughter)-Points. Points.

Next up, these dubsteppers.

♪ Do, do, do, do

♪ Wah...!

(singing loud gibberish)

(singing ends)



I mean...

I... I know we're supposedto (bleep) on something.

-That was kind of amazing.-(laughter)

What do these guys dowhen they're not a cappella'ing?

-Mamrie. -Uh, callingtheir mom the B-word

-for not buying Bagel Bites.-(laughter)


I-I want you to start tryingto eat healthier.

I got cantaloupe, uh...

-No!-They got tomatoes on 'em!

-Grace. -They're out lookingfor a new, interesting bowls

-to cut their hair with.-Yes.

(laughter, applause)

What an interesting bowl...

-to place on my... my...-LANE: Easy haircut.

Yeah, there's a lotof bowls out there.

HARDWICK:There's so many bowls.

The world's full of bowls.