Jeff Mac - How to Read a Woman

Season 1, Ep 0102 07/27/2006 Views: 7,499

Jeff Mac has forgotten how to read women. (1:10)




I agree entirely.

( laughter )

Um, so listen, I was workingthis, uh, this day job.

It was an office job.

And, uh, on my first day,

this woman theretotally checked me out.

Um, I mean, like,that's what I think happened.

Look, I was in a relationship

for, like,eight and a half years,

and then I was re-releasedinto the wild not too long ago.

So my internalhow-to-read-a-woman manual has,

like, a drawing of Dwight andMamie Eisenhower on the cover.

Like, holding handsin a rumble seat

and sipping sodasand strangling Communists.

And I'm just waitinguntil I can, like,

unzip my pants and find, like,

a family of raccoonsliving down there.

You know, just for the peaceand quiet.

Um, but...

( laughter )

But this woman-- she sort ofcruised on by my desk,

and our eyes met,and for just half a second,

I could tellwe were sharing the same fantasy

that I was rich.

( laughter )

It was a good one.

It's a good fantasy.

I have that one all the time.