Uncensored - Behind the Scenes of Stand-Up Revolution

Alfred Robles & Rick Gutierrez Season 1, Ep 1 10/06/2011 Views: 47,122

Gabriel Iglesias personally guarantees that everyone on Stand-Up Revolution is funny. (5:29)

[music playing]


This is Gabriel Iglesias, andyou're watching an exclusive

behind-the-scenesof my new stand-up

series "Stand-up Revolution."

That's right, hereon Comedy Central,

behind-the-scenes exclusive.

Means no one else can see itexcept right here on Comedy

Central "Stand-up Revolution."

Think I got it right.Did I get it right?

All right, I got it right.

They told me I got it right.

[music playing]

People ask why I put togethera show that's basically stuff

that Comedy Centralalready does.

They already have stand-upshows, so why would

I want to throw myhat into that one?

Is everybody stillhaving a good time?

Uh, just because I think I canprobably bring a little bit

more to the table,because I personalize it.

First thing I did was that Ibooked only people that I knew.

People that I knewthat were funny.

And they're all friends of mine.

Everybody on the show'san actual friend.

A lot of times you'llsee comics go up,

and this guy's a reallygood friend of mine,

and they got toread a teleprompter

to find out about them.

-Shut up!

-And everybody onthe show is someone

I've known for a very long time.

And everybody's funny.

I put my stamp on it,but everyone on the show

is going to do very well.

And if they don't, then, uh,I'll put someone else in there

that's very funny,that'll do very well.

And if they suck, I'lljust do twice as much time.

And you know I'm funny.


[music playing]

We wanted to add a specialelement to "Stand-up

Revolution," so weinvolved a band.

And not just any band.

I wanted to find a band thatwas not only a good band,

but a band that just brought somuch more energy, and so much

more, just, I guess, totaloverall feel to the show.

I didn't want to havesomething generic.

I wanted to have somethingthat really touched the soul

of the whole "Stand-upRevolution" feel,

and I couldn't findanyone else but Ozomatli.

-Yo, yo, yo.

Hey hey hey hey one, two.

Yay yay yay.

Ozomatli is amazing.

Three-time Grammy Awardwinners, and very nice guys.

I got a chance to hang out withall of them from time to time.

I've met a lot of bands, andmost of the guys are assholes.

I can say assholes, right,because we're on the internet.

Fucking assholes.

-Because here.

And he gave me abrand-new phone!

I love you, Gabriel.

Those things are expensive.

Gabriel, my carbroke down last week.

But not Ozo.

Everybody isreally, really cool.

And Wil-Dog, Wil-Dogis a buddy of mine.

We go do to lunch some time.

He always gets a salad.

He's a punk like that.

But he's still cool.

And everyone else-- Justin,who wrote one of my,

one of the songs for the show.

I think he actuallywrote both of them.

Super-nice guy.

Everybody on the bandis really, really cool.

And they're super-talented.

And you're going to seehow it sets all shows aside

by having-- George Lopez couldhave had them on his show.

I found out, Georgecould have had them.

But he passed.

Sorry, George.

I got them.

You'll be sorry.

I know, huh.

Anyway, so that's it.

That's all we have,Ozomatli on there.

Good friends, good people.

An amazing talent.

You're going to love them.

OK, so now apparently youguys want to play with me.

Going to play this littlething called speed round.

Speed round, right?

Speed round.

OK, I guess they're goingto tell me names of comics,

and I got to come up with oneword to basically describe,

describe the comics.

One word.

All right, I'm ready, I'mready, ready when you are.

Martin Moreno.


Joey Diaz.

Fucking crazy.

Sean Latham.


Tommy Chun.


Dylan Garcia.


Alfred Robles.


Even though he'snot, but looks high.

Noe Gonzales.




I feel like a therapysession right now.

Word association.

Rick Guttierez.


Paul Varghese.

Is it Paul Varghese?



Say Paul Varghese?

Because if hisname's Paul Varghese,

I have really messed up hisintro on the show already.

Paul Varghese.


Maz Jobrani.


Larry Omaha.


He'll get that one.

Edwin San Juan.


Dennis Gaxiola.

X Games.

There's a lot ofinside stuff you'll

see later on with the show.

Cristela Alonzo.


Rudy Moreno.


You just gotta say itnow like this-- Rudy.


Thea Vidale.

One word?


Carlos Oscar.



Not like you're fixinganimals and stuff,

I mean like he's beenaround for a long time.