Jeff Dunham - Politically Correct

Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos Season 1, Ep 1 09/25/2011 Views: 77,125

Jeff encourages Peanut to be more sensitive toward others. (1:31)

I love it here.

It's beautiful.It's sold out.

The place is paid for.

We must be onan Indian reservation.

And these are all Indians.

Look, Peanut, first of all,

the more politicallycorrect term these daysis Native American.

Oh, yeah.

I certainly wouldn't wantto piss 'em off.

They could try and scalp me,but all they'd get

is a fishing lure.


I guess that is a little lessconfusing of a term, though.

What?Native American.

Why?'Cause when you say Indian,

you don't know which onethe hell they're talking about.

What?Is it the onesthat go...

(war chant):♪ Hy-ya, hy-ya, hy-ya.

or the ones that go...

(Indian accent):Thank you for callingcustomer support.

(laughter and cheering)

But in this case, I'm talkingabout the ones that go...

(war chant):♪ Hy-ya. hy-ya, hy-ya.

(deep voice):♪ Hy-ya, hy-ya.

(high-pitched):♪ Hy-ya, hy-ya... how.

Do you know whatthat chant means?

No, but I think it means,

(chanting):♪ I forgot the words,hy-ya, hy-ya. ♪

You know, we have plentyof Native Americanshere this evening.

Oh, goody. Let's play craps.


What? They've gotthe reservationsand the casinos

and making millions of dollarsevery day hand over fist.

They're laughingall the way to the bank.

Oh, that's what it is--they're laughing.