Lillian and Mayor Cutie Bury the Hatchet

Joplin Season 2, Ep 8 08/03/2016 Views: 941

Lillian attends Mayor Cutie's concert with Scott Joplin but can't resist trying to steal the spotlight. (1:34)

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[upbeat horn music]

- The time has come for me

to put asidemy creative differences

with Mayor Cutieand attend the concert.

After all, I'm her owner,so I should be entitled

to some of the glory.

- Ever since she got famous,

Mayor Cutie's really changed.

I heard she dyes her fur now.

- Ever since that shysterJoplin arrived, I knew he

and that little [bleep]

would be in cahootsto steal my thunder.

- Our thunder.- [scoffs]

The point is, Joplinis a liar and a bum,

and Mayor Cutie isa fame-seeking, egotistical,

self-serving,pathetic old bitch who--

Mayor Cutie!

Mayor Cutie!It's me, Lillian!

Remember me?

Old Lil,your dear old gal?

♪ You look beautiful

Mayor Cutie.Mr. Joplin.

It's me!

Me, Lillian,the singer!

Hello?Mr. Joplin.

- And now, I would liketo introduce to you

someone I believe in

almost as muchas I believe in myself.

The legend, Mayor Cutie.


["The Entertainer" playing]

- I'm her owner.

I took a zeppelin all the way

to the Mexican stateof Chihuahua

to buy her from a breeder.

- Shh.

- I named her and then had herlegally elected mayor

of a small townin Rhode Island.


- [barking]

- Arf, arf!Arf, arf!

[crowd booing]Arf, arf!

Arf, arf!

- Hey, get offthe stage, you dummy.

- Arf?

- [barking]

- It's not her real hair.

- I liked it.

- Ooh.- Yes.