Jesse Popp - The Moon Landing

Jesse Popp Season 1, Ep 12 06/15/2012 Views: 7,932

Jesse Popp explains why he doesn't care if the moon landing was a conspiracy. (1:21)

the belief thatwe didn't land on the moon,

that we faked the moon mission,

which, I like, becauseit's 40 years ago.

And it still drives them crazy.

They're furious. They say,"We never landed on the moon.

It's a conspiracy, and it goesall the way to the top!"

All right, let's say that,that we did fake it.

Who cares?

Like, what's the craziest thingthat happened?

Like, maybe we ticked offthe Russians.

Maybe Neil Armstronggot laid a few more times.

Let's face it, come closingtime, that moon credit

really gets your footin the door.


In fact, that's the only reasonthat you could get mad.

Like, if Neil Armstrong had sexwith your girlfriend,

then you can dissect the footage and be like,

"Honey, look at this.Look at this."

"The flag moves.He puts the flag on the moon,

"but it's wavingand it's moving.

"But, and you can't, there'sno stars in the picture.

"You can't see any stars.You know why?

"Because you're a whore.Because...

"I go...

"...out of townfor three days...

and you're porking astronauts."

You're off the softball team.