Uncensored - Sinbad - Racial Slurs

Sinbad: Make Me Wanna Holla Season 1, Ep 101 06/14/2014 Views: 2,843

Sinbad has a plan to make sure that nobody will want to use racial slurs anymore. (2:45)

And see, that's whyI look at it--at some point--

at some point,like Martin Luther King said,

we got to live togetheras brothers or perish as fools.

You know, at some point,we got to figure this out.

At some point,it has to stop.


I think we should haveonce a week, just use slurs.

Use racial slurs,so we can just get through it.

I think if we justcould use it,

once a week, it'll get old.

What's up, honkey?What's up, nigger?

What's up, wop?What's up, spic?

Hey, nigger, let's wop.You wop.

You honkey, honkety,honkey, honkey!

What's up, nigger?Wops.

Nigger, spic, spic, nigger.

After three weeks:

What's up, man?

Just get it all out.Just get it all out.

So we forgetwhich one is what.

Which one were you?

I forgot what I was.

What was I?Oh.


Huh?What's that?

They use--Paula Deen.

Oh, Paula--you know what?

I'm so angry'cause I like the chicken.

I am so mad at Paula Deen.

I'm so mad at Paula Deen.

I almost--I was gonna lether have a pass on the "N" word.

It goes like this.She probably used it.

She probably didn't mean it.

Then I kept readingabout everything she did.

I said,"Oh, let me spit this out."

I'm so mad at Paula Deen.

What's my manfrom Philadelphia?

The football player?

Huh?Riley Cooper.

You know,the NFL didn't fine him.

You know why?

They said,"Just let him catch a pass.

Let him go on outand catch a pass."

The brother be like this.

"Go on, throw it to him.He open."

But you knowwhat I liked about it?

Nobody stood with him,white or black.

Nobody stood with him.You'd see him in practice,

he'd be by himselfin his little helmet.

What was he thinking?

He was ata Kenny Chesney concert,

talking about,"I'm gonna jump over this fence

and kick every N's butt."

And I mean, you ata Kenny Chesney concert.

Ain't no way--

Who did you see?Was you drinking?

You saw a dark white man.

You saw a dark white manand lost your mind.

This is Kenny Chesney.

I mean, I like Kenny Chesney.

I-I ain't going to the concert.

I can't be by myself.Whoo, Kenny!

I believe in racial harmony,but I ain't pushing the system.

Sometimes, you got to knowwhere not to go.