The Haunting of Philip J. Fry

Ghost in the Machines Season 6, Ep 16 06/30/2011 Views: 29,769

In an attempt to scare Fry to death, the ghost of Bender possesses his electronics. (1:55)

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(both snoring)

(Fry snorts, Bender gasps)


Hmm, soap.

I know Fry's afraid that.

Maybe he'll die if I rub himall over with it, real slow.



Whoa, sick!

My software can controlelectronics!

What the...?



No! Not the armpits!

Winter's coming!

As you can see,since Bender's death,

requests to biteone's shiny metal ass

are down 98%.

(vacuum whirring)

Do you minddoing that later?

Bite my shinymetal ass.

Help! I was attackedin my bathroom!

By my bathroom!

I'm being hauntedby a ghost!


Fry, you're just upset becauseyou drove Bender to suicide.

Here. Take your mind off it withthis soothing relaxation balls.

All right.

I got him all heebie-jeebiedwith my bathroom of horrors.

One more good scare,and I'll be out of limbo.

Oh. Did someone say limbo.

(overlapping chatter)

Hold onto your dookie.

It's about to get spooky!

("Toccata and Fugue in D Minor"plays)