Nikki Glaser - Couples' Hygiene

Nikki Glaser: Perfect Season 1, Ep 1 04/09/2016 Views: 2,259

During the time Nikki Glaser and her boyfriend have been together, she's learned a lot about personal hygiene. (1:32)

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He's a lot cleaner than I am

We were getting readyfor bed once,

and you knowwhen you're, like, first,

like, hanging out with someoneand you start sleeping over,

and your hygiene habitskind of meet up,

and yours are just, like,not really up to snuff?

But you just, like, fake it.

You're just like,"I always brush them this long.

"That's cool, yeah.

"Oh, you get the bottoms?That's neat.

I'll try that.All right."

And then my arm is going numb.He's still going.

I'm just like,"Cool, we're still doing this?"

Like, I get through that.

I'm, like, headedout of the bathroom.

He's like,"You got to floss,"

and I was like,"You got to floss.

What am I doing?Okay, here we go."

I'm just like,just gushing blood,

just like, "What?

"That's not--this never happens.

"I must have hit something.This is weird.

"This is the first time.

"Both ends are on our period.

Is that not right?Okay."


Don't say that.

So, yeah, he's--

we've been taking showerstogether recently,

which is, like, mmm,'cause I just think he, like,

wants me to shower more,so that's cool.

I'll take whatI can get, like...

He's like, "Let's get in."I'm like, "Whoo."

He's just, like, scrubbingmy back a little too much.

I'm like,"What are you doing?"

And I was like,"Do you want a blow job?"

He's like, "Let's getyour feet first."

I'm like,"Okay, all right."

And I was like, "Do you have,like, a foot fetish?"

He's like, "No, you havea foot fungus,

"and you should getthis looked at.

It's of concern."

I'm like,"It doesn't scrub off."