Reese Waters - Blacking Out

Season 4 , Ep 0405 11/13/09 Views: 4,188

When is the last time you blacked out something you wish you remembered? You didn't black out and cure cancer. (1:53)

My girl's always on meabout my drinking.

She says every time you drink,you black out.

Like it's a bad thing.


Really. 'Cause, uh,blacking out

is nature's way of saying...

"You don't want to know."


You don't want to know.

When's the last timeyou blacked out something

you wish you remembered?

I mean,

you didn't black outand cure cancer.

No, you blacked out,

you traded your pantsfor aluminum cans...


You tried to fistfight Grandma.

You went to yourex-girlfriend's house

and did Usher's whole catalog.

(laughter, clapping)

Even the new stuff.

Those are not memories I want.

Thank you, blackout.

You black out,

you get a pass on shamefor one night.

That's fantastic.

People come up to methe next day,

like, "Reese, do you have anyidea what you did last night?"

I'm, like, "Hell, no.

"But you must be horrified.


You got to stop drinkingwith me-- that's your problem."

All right.

Then I took it too far.

Uh, I got so drunk one night,I called the cops on myself.


I was willing to listen.

I did, I woke up out ofa blackout and dialed 911.

911 emergency?

Yes, I would liketo report a break-in.

Somebody broke in my place,knocked me out,

threw up on my chestand just left.