Jake Johannsen - Cockroach Pizza

Rosen, Taylor, Ross Season 2, Ep 8 05/18/1993 Views: 1,207

New Yorkers are very proud of their pizza. (1:54)


Welcome to the Western editionof "Two Drink Minimum."

Um, actually there isn'treally a Western edition.

This, I've got to do somethingto kind of keep myself up.

Otherwise I'm goingto fall asleep

and drive the showinto the ditch.


Um, I've been having--actually that's not true.

I've been having a greattime in New York, you know.

We've been going out.

I've been, all I've been eatingis pizza all week, though.

Man, I'm going to have to havemy colon irrigated with one

of those firehoses or something.

But it is, it's good pizza.

It's good.

And New York is very proudof their pizza, you know?

That's for sure.


I guess so.

That's right.

It's like one of the, that's,probably one of the main things

about New York is the pizza,pizza and the cockroaches.

Not together, usually,but sometimes.

Anyway, I'm usuallyin California.

I like to go to, youknow, California,

you got a salad bar.

We go to see, go to anall you can eat salad bar.

But I haven't been ableto find one in New York.

About as close as I've comeis a all you can smoke cafe.

(GRAVELLY VOICE) We'd likeanother round, please.

But I guess they kindof have those salad

bars in the Korean markets.

You know, you go inthe markets, they

have the, right in thegrocery store, big salad bar.

But you want to stickclose to the salad.

Don't eat that other, the hotdishes at the end of the thing,

you know.

Because it'll be--I would try them

if I thought they were,like, a native dish

from the land of the proprietor.



--usually it's justlike they're trying

to cover every base in theneighborhood, you know.

They got beefstroganoff, and sushi,

and chow mein, and eggplantparmesan, and matzo ball soup,

you know.

Man, I'm surprised they don'thave some Martian dish laying

there just in case theyland on Park Avenue.

(MARTIAN VOICE) This placesucks, no baked sarznacs.

I'll have a pack of ghouls.