Ben Kronberg - Asking Why

Season 2, Ep 14 06/15/2013 Views: 10,794

Ben Kronberg asks the big questions on topics ranging from horror movies to dog butts. (2:37)

So, this next thing

is just a thing.

So, uh, you know,

I can't name all the girlsthat I've had sex with,

but I can name all the guys

my girlfriend's told meshe's had sex with.

Why is that?

Why can I remember those names?

(electronic musical tonesplaying)

Why can I remember those names?

Tell me.

Committing suicide...

is less noble...

than getting killed.

(electronic musical tonescontinue)

But quitting your job ismore noble than getting fired.

Why is that?


Tell me.

Tell me.

It's too loud.

Horror movies are morerespectable than pornos, right?

Like, in the movie world.

But in real life, it's opposite.

(bleep) is way more respectablethan killing is what I'm saying.

Like, if you had a kid,you'd probably much rather have

your kid walk in on youwatching a horror movie

than a porno, right?

But conversely, you'd probablymuch rather have your kid

walk in on you (bleep) your wifethan killing your wife.

Why is that?

Why is that?

(electronic musical tonescontinue)

You know how you can watchpoop come out of a dog's butt...

...but you wouldn't watch poopcome out of a human's butt...

if you could help it?

But you wouldn't licka dog's butt,

but you would licka human's butt.

Why is that?



Food in your mouth is okay.

A penis in your mouth is okay.

A penis in your butt is okay.

But food in your butt,that's not okay.

Why can't I put foodin my butt?

Tell me, Papa, why?