Jeff Dunham - Jose the Jalapeno: The Trusty Sidestick

Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos Season 1, Ep 1 09/25/2011 Views: 90,191

Peanut suggests that Jeff Dunham and Jose the Jalapeno become crime-fighting superheroes. (2:56)

Actually, I'm excited, señor.

Why are you excited, José?

Probably 'causeyou're holdinghis stick.

Do you haveto do jokes like that?

It's just weird to methat in front of everyone,

you're holdingJosé's stick-k.

Any suggestions?

You should at least

take him out to dinner first.

It's just a stick.

Maybe it's actually a handle.

A handle?

Yeah, you could use Joséas a weapon.

To hit with?Yes!

I want to go back in the box.

No, this is awesome!"What happened to Frank?"

"He got whackedby a jalapeño."

On a stick.Yes!

Think about it.

You'd be wieldinga Mexican whacker.

On a stick.Yes!

Look, you know howBatman had his sidekick Robin

and one of their weaponswas a batarang?

Yes, of course.

Oh, dude.


You just showedyour geek.


And it smellslike loser.

You're nota loser, señor.

Thank you, José.


Muppet reject.


Hey, he can drop you,

and then I'll throw downa couple avocados.

and we got guacamole!

I could still burn your ass.

Good point.

All right.(chuckles)


The Batman thing just made methink of something.

What?If this comedy businessdoesn't work out for you,

Yeah?you can bea crime fighter.

A crime fighter?

Yes. You could beDunham Man...

with José, your trustysidestick. (chortles)

I see. So you're sayingI would be a superhero.

Mm, ...ish.

"Ish"? It thislike Jewish?

No, José, you're not Jewish'cause then you wouldn't be

José Jalapeño.You'd be Hymie Jalapeño.

On a Bagel.(laughs)

Where would youhold him, then?


In the hole.

I am not touching that.

No, you probably never have.

(audience gasps)


This sucks!

So we're a crime-fightingteam, señor?Yes!

What kind of crimedo we fight?

Illegal aliens.

I think there'sa conflict of interest.