Andy Dick - A Tender Moment Between Kirk and Spock

Roast of William Shatner Season 1, Ep 101 08/20/2006 Views: 16,698

Andy Dick turns to the captain's log from "Star Trek" to reveal the details of a steamy tryst between Kirk and Spock. (2:26)

I took off the Andy Dick Costume

and I got more comfortable.

My real true nameis Andy Kock.

That's Kock with a K.

It's actually a combinationof two names,

Kirk and Spock.


I broughta little something

that just mightshed some light.

The actual Captain's Log.

"I was just exitingthe shower tonight

"when Spockentered my quarters.

"He stared at me hungrily.

"Like Lieutenant Uhuraeyeing a plate of ribs."

"I said, 'Spock!

'Why aren't you...manning... your post?'"

That's the bestI can do.

"'Captain, when wasthe last time

you had yourb---hole vulcanized?'"

"He mounted me.

"Boldly going where only...

a few guys back in collegehad gone before."

"For a beingwith no emotions,

"his meat hammersure seemed to be

angry with my butt."

"Spock did give me the reach around.

Or as he called it,the Vulcan taint pinch."

"Then he fired offhis photon torpedoes

deep inside my worm hole."

Ladies and gentlemen,


guest of honor...

was impregnated.

I am the illegitimatebutt baby

of Kirk and Spock.


And, Mom?

Even thoughyou abandoned me,

I...I love you.

And congratulationson your big night.