Jacob Sirof - Geek

Season 2, Ep 0207 05/24/2007 Views: 2,459

Jacob may be a geek, but he is definitely not a nerd. (1:37)

amazing comicson the show tonight.

Right now you got me.

The geek. How's it going?

Yeah, the geek-- I heardthe whispers. (bleep) you guys.

Not cool. I can hear you.

That's all right,I know I'm a geek.

I'm okay with it.

Let's look at the facts--I'm six feet tall,

120 pounds, can't seewithout the welding goggles.

(laughter)Not to mention,

I'm a grown man and completelyobsessed with Star Wars.

I'm a geek.

But you know what?I'm not a nerd.

And there is a difference.Allow me to explain.

You see, a geek is the kindof person that'll stand in line

to see the midnight premiereof the new Harry Potter movie.

(woman whoops)That's me.Yeah, that's how I roll.

What's up, ladies?

(laughter)Now, a nerd isthe kind of person who goes

to the midnight premiereof the new Harry Potter movie

dressed like Harry Potter.

And that (bleep)is pathetic, right?

What's up with those losers?

I don't get the wholedressing-up thing.

Yeah, I like Star Wars-- I don't need

to put on a Darth Vader costumeto prove it.

I'm a big fan of Buddy Holly--

you don't see me dressing uplike the guy.

(laughter)'Cause that would be sad, right?

I consider myself to be

a pretty smart guy-- I gotthe glasses and everything.

But I'm easily confused--I'll give you

an example of whatI'm talking about.

I keep seeing this commercialon television,

it just baffles me--maybe you've seen it.

It's an ad for Ex-Lax--it's about this chick,

she's all bummed out'cause she's constipated

and can't hang outwith her friends.

That makes no sense,right, ladies?

You're constipated, so you can't hang out with your fr...?

I'm trying to picture myselfin that situation.

I'm, like, "Phil,what's happening, dude?

"Uh, nope, can't kick it today.

I got to stay homeand not take a (bleep)."


"Yup, kind of an all-day projectI'm working on over here."

It makes no...

Look at you guys-- most of youare not (bleep)

right now, and you're fine.