Andy Ritchie - Massage Mode

Season 4, Ep 0405 11/13/2009 Views: 2,386

Your shower head's "massage mode" is supposed to feel like a massage, isn't it? So, why does it hurt so much? (1:19)

I keep begging my landlady tochange or fix my showerhead.

Uh, but she won't do it becausetechnically, it still works.

Water comes out.

But it sucks because, uh,

my showerhead has differentsettings on it,

which I don't need.I need shower, that's it.

But it's, uh, it's rusted shuton massage mode.

Which is basicallythis water Gatling gun.

It's just relentless, like...

(shouting percussively)

It hurts!

Every time I want to get clean,

I feel likea 60s civil rights activist.

Ooh. All right.

Not everyone laughed at that.

That's all right.Not everyone always does.

I told that jokein Fond du Lac, Wisconsin,

of all places.

And, uh, this ladycomes up to me

after the show,completely serious.

She comes up to me and she goes,

"Um, you know, I marchedfor civil rights in the 1960s,

"and that happened to us.They turned the hoses on us.

That actually happened to me."

I'm like, "Yeah, but every day,first thing in the morning?"