Unpacking Trump's Press Conference

January 12, 2017 - Cecile Richards 01/12/2017 Views: 122,448

During Donald Trump's first press conference as president-elect, he refuses to fully divest from his business empire and continues to shoot down requests for his tax returns. (8:01)

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You know, this has been plaguingme for-for a day or two.

I... The news cycle in Americamoves so fast,

all right, that oftentimesyou don't get enough time

to process everythingthat's happened, you know?

It's like an orgy. But I think,

especially overthe coming years,

we're gonna have to get betterat taking a step back

to fully understandwhat it all means.

Take yesterday, for example.There was so much news.

Trump was holdinga press conference

while his nomineefor secretary of state

was being questioned by Congress

while the intelligence communitywas trying to decide

if reports on golden showerswas confirmed or not

and the brand-new Game of Thrones book came out.

Yeah. And let's just sayhe took some inspiration

from the golden shower incident.#GoldWedding.

It's really weird.Really, really weird book.

By the way, that's how we countwhere I'm from.

I don't know if that's, like,a... You guys were weirded out.

It's an accent thing. Calm down.

Uh, so-so tonight,let's do this--

let's take a step backand try and process

one of the crazy thingsthat happened yesterday,

which wasDonald Trump's press conference.


-Mr. President-elect... -Goahead. She's asking a question.

-Don't be rude. -Mr.President-elect, can you give us

-a question? You're attackingus. -Don't be rude.

-Can you give us a question?-Don't be ru...

-Can you give us a question?-No, I'm not gonna give you a...

-I'm not gonna give youa question. -Can you state

-categorically...-You are fake news.


I love that Mr. Real Tanover here

is telling people they're fake.

"CNN, you're fake. You're fake.

"Next question goes to Bat Boyfrom The National Enquirer.

"Yeah, you're real.

"Yes, I do think Hillary adoptedan alien baby.

Yeah, yeah."Now, we already talked

about Trump's anti-media crusadeyesterday.

But yesterday's press conferencewas also a scary glimpse

into the future of whatwe might be able to expect

from a Donald Trump presidency.

And let's start by lookingat the spectacle,

right, which is all Trump wantedus to be looking at yesterday.

Right? Trump shared the stagewith what can only be described

as Manila Mountain.

These papers are just someof the many documents

that I've signed, turning over

complete and total controlto my sons.

-Good Lord!-(laughter)

-That's a lot of paper!-(laughter)

-So much paper!-(laughter)

What is he doing there?

Looks like a police chief

showing offa homework drug bust.

-(laughter) -He's like, "As youcan see, we found a lot of math,

we found a lot of accounting."

Yeah, but jokes aside,you have to be impressed.

Look how much workhe's been doing for America.

But don't look too close,because if you do,

you might startto notice things.

For instance, the paper

inside the folders doesn't looklike weeks of contracts.

It looks brand-new.

Yeah, and I knowsome of you might be hating.

You might be like,

"Oh, Trevor, no,you're just hating, you know?"

But you tell me.If you had real folders

of real businessyou were really doing,

wouldn't you at leasthave labels on them?


(applause and cheering)

Come on, Donald!

Like, you know what?

At this point, it's not evenabout the lie, man!

-It's about the lack of respect!-(laughter)

Just take, like, two secondsto write down a fake label!

-(laughter) -Just write...You could even be like...

Just be like,"Conflict stuff."

-We don't care!-(laughter)

And the reason this matters is

that spectacle is whatDonald Trump uses

in place of actuallydoing something,

which is surprisingly effective.

Because now there are peopleall over America going,

"I know he left his businessbecause I saw the papers.

"I mean, what kind of sickperson would bring empty folders

"to a press conference?

-Am I right? Am I right?"-(laughter)

Here's another thing we learnedfrom the press conference.

And it's not something new, bythe way, but it's a reminder.

President Trump--he's going to lie... a lot.

What I'm going to be doing is,

my two sons,who are right here--

Don and Eric-- are goingto be running the company.

They are going to be running itin a very professional manner.

They're not goingto discuss it with me.

They're not goingto discuss it with you at all?

-For eight years?-(laughter)

Either that's a lie,or Donald Trump...

Actually, what if the onlyreason Trump ran for president

was so that he wouldn't have totalk to his sons for four years?

-(laughter)-Maybe that's what he did.

-(cheers and applause)-That was the entire reason!

"Sorry, Eric, can't talk.

-Conflict of interest."-(laughter)

"But, Dad, I just wantedto tell you I love you!"


"Bye, now. Bye! Bye!

Get him out of here. Bye!"

(cheers and applause)

And by the way, by the way,

the Office of Government Ethicshas looked

through Donald Trump'sdivestment plans,

and like a pythonat a penis party...

-(laughter)-...they were not impressed.

WOMAN: The head of the government ethics office

called the plan "wholly inadequate."

Stepping back from runninghis positions is meaningless

from a conflicts-of-interestperspective.

The idea of limitingdirect communication

about the businessis wholly inadequate.

This is not a blind trust.It's not even close.

Yes! Thank you!Thank you!

Thank you, soon-to-be-unemployedethics man!

-Thank you!-(laughter)

-Thank you!-(applause)

By the way,I hope he ended his speech

with his LinkedIn profile.

Just be like, "And you canhire me very soon! Very soon!"

But he's right.

Trump saying

his children running his companyis a blind trust--

that's like a veggie burgersaying, "I'm a hamburger!"

Get the (bleep) out of here, youfalafel-ass piece of (bleep)!

-(laughter)-You're not a burger!

(applause and cheering)

One thing that was particularlyilluminating yesterday

was how little regardDonald J. Trump seems

to havefor the presidency itself.

In the past,U.S. presidents have always

acknowledged themselvesas being accountable

to the American people.

It's a crucial pieceof what a president should be.

And accountable to all people,

including the oneswho didn't vote for them.

But as Donny always warned us,he is an outsider.

Uh, well, I'm not releasingthe tax returns,

'cause, as you know,they're under audit.

Oh, gee, I've never heard that. Oh, gee, I've never heard that.

I've never heard that before.You know, the only one

that cares about my tax returnsare the reporters.

Okay, they're the only ones...

No, I don't think so. I-I won.

-Do you believe that... -Iwould've not became president.

No, I don't thinkthey care at all.

-(audience jeering)-Wow.

How great would it beif we could all use

Donald Trump's logicin our daily lives?

We get busted for...on the freeway for speeding.

You know, and the copwould be there, like,

"Do you know how fastyou were going?"

You'd be,"Look at all these other people.

"They don't care. Theydon't care. They don't care.

"If they caredthey wouldn't have gotten

out of the way.They don't care."

But you know what...the sad truth is?

In a way, Trump's right.

Because the peoplewho voted for him,

they don't care.

And the peoplewho chose not to vote,

they don't care.

The only thing we do knowright now is Obamacare.

-Obama care very much.-(laughter)

(cheering, applause)

Obama care, man.

And the 65 million peoplewho are actually the majority,

-they care. But anyway...-(laughter)

I... I just hope

that the press keeps caring.

I'm gladthey asked that question,

and I hope they keep asking it.

Because withouta fully functional press,

the only one who's gonna beblind in this whole situation

is us.