Martin Luther King Day - The FBI's Surprising Reversal

Monday, January 16, 2017 01/16/2017 Views: 121

Josie Long, John Hodgman and Eugene Mirman wonder what self-contradictory thing the FBI will tweet about next. (1:54)

Today... today isMartin Luther King Jr. Day.

I don't thinkI could say anything

that would live up to his legacyin any way.

But he was courageous anduncompromising, and I think,

above all,he believed in justice,

and I believewe should all strive for that.

And if you haven't readhis words or watch him speak,

do yourself a favorand do that today.

They're as powerfulas they ever were.

Tributes have been all oversocial media,

like this tweet honoring Kingand his, quote,

"incredible careerfighting for civil rights,"

using an excerpt from King'sletter from a Birmingham jail,

which reads,

"Injustice anywhere is a threatto justice everywhere."

That's a wonderful quote.

I wonder who tweeted that.

-Oh, it was the FBI. The FBI.-(laughter)

-This is the same FBI whospent... -(applause & cheering)

Hang on.

Same FBI who spent years

spying on himand blackmailing MLK

'cause their director and

constipated bullfrog in aminiskirt J. Edgar Hoover...


...called King, quote, "The mostnotorious liar in the country."

The only thing that would becrazier-- if Mel Gibson tweeted,

-"Happy Hanukkah, sugar tits."-(laughter)

-(applause and cheering)-So, comedians...

in light of this MLK tweetfrom the FBI,

what's another surprise reversaltweet the FBI might send out?

John Hodgman.

"Hey, Anthony Weiner--cool dong, dude."

(laughter, applause)

-Points. Cool dong.-It's a pretty cool dong.

-Dude... tweeted...-Chris.

Not just "cool dong."Just, "Cool dong, dude."

-Dude.-(laughter) -Eugene Mirman.

Hey, Vladimir Putin,where do you want us

-to drop off your laundry?"-HARDWICK: All right, points.

-(laughter, applause)-Josie Long.

Just, "Hey, Stanley Kubrick,

you did such a great jobfaking the moon landings."

And then, hashtag, "Jet fuel canmelt steel beams." That's all.

-(laughter) -HARDWICK:All right. All right. Points.