Rachel Feinstein - Going Home to Visit

Rachel Feinstein Season 3, Ep 10 07/11/2014 Views: 10,268

Rachel Feinstein's mother has a very curious way of interacting with strangers. (2:26)

I just went home tovisit my parents.

I don't know if anybodyfeels like this, but

when I go home, I'm okay,for maybe six minutes

and then, I just feelweirdly furious.

(applause, whistling)


And then, I feel guilty

about the wild levelof hostility that I'm feeling.

I was talking to my friendabout this, I'm like,

"Do you ever get like thatwhen you go home?"

And he goes, "Oh, yeah."

He goes,"Do you know what I realized?

"I realized, if my momwasn't my mom,

I don't even thinkI'd be friends with her."


I'm like,"Really, that was

your big realization?"

I'm like, "Obviously,that'd be very weird,

"if you just had thisintense relationship

with some middle-aged,diabetic woman in Pennsylvania."

You would just go fly and seeher on the weekends sometimes.

And she would bother youabout getting health insurance.

And you'd be like,

"Well, uh...this was great Sharon. Um...

"let's do it againin about five months;

"that's whatI'm comfortable with.

"And, uh, next timewhen you're feeding me

"and I've told you repeatedlythat I'm full,

I'm gonna ask you to startrespecting that, Sharon."

My mom's just,really embarrassing.

Hew newest thingshe's doing is...

well, she likes totalk to every stranger.

She just likes tosort of stop people

and have these kind of,sassy moments with them.

They're not havingthe moments with her, uh...

...they're oftenlistening to her

with this sort of a stance.

Like, we were outat this Latin restaurant.

I felt so bad for the guy,because, I was like,

"He has no idea,what's about to happen to him

right now."Like...

Like, my mom likes to kind of,she likes to let people know

that she's just, she's kind of

down with everything,you know? So...

He comes over to our table,

he says something so reasonable.I was like,

"He has no ideawhat's about to happen."

He just told her, they were,they were very slammed

and that, and thathe needed a moment.

Here's my mother'sunacceptable

response to that, she goes,

(Midwestern accent):"Oh, please, take your time!

I lived in Californiain the 1960s."

I'm like, "What the (bleep)does that mean?

What in God's namejust happened?"

She will not stop doing that"California thing" to people;

I've begged her.

No one knows what to do withthat. They just...

It's so genuinely confusingfor people.