Anthony Jeselnik - Post-Show Interactions

Anthony Jeselnik: Caligula Season 1, Ep 1 01/13/2013 Views: 27,983

Anthony Jeselnik wonders how to respond to a lesbian's critique of his stand-up and compliments an intoxicated girl after a show. (1:46)

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who ran up after a show.

And I know she was a lesbian

because she ran up and yelledout, "Anthony, I'm a lesbian!

And I thought you werereally funny tonight,

but you're just luckyyou didn't make

any lesbian jokes up there.

'Cause I would havegotten really mad

if you had made funof any lesbians tonight."

And I wanted to say to her,"Hey,

do you realize thatthat makes you a terrible person

and that you haveno sense of humor?

Plus, you're an idiot

if you felt okay laughing at

all the other messed-up thingsI joked about

but you'd have gottenreally upset

if I'd made fun of youor something you care about."

And I was gonna say all that,but then I remembered,

"Anthony, she's a lesbian.

She knows."

[ Laughter ]

My second-favorite post-showinteraction of all time

had to be -- I was in Bostona couple years ago,

and a very drunk girl --they're always very drunk --

ran up to me.

And she screams out,

"You should never make funof the Holocaust!"

And I said, "Why?"You know, just to be a dick.

[ Laughter ]

And she says, "Because I lostfamily in the Holocaust."

And I said,"Well, you don't look Jewish."

And she said,"Listen, ass[bleep]

There are certain linesyou're not supposed to cross,

certain boundariesyou're never supposed to push."

And I said, "Hey, hey, hey.

I justgave you a compliment."

[ Laughter ]