Brooke Van Poppelen - Toss Your Own Salad

Phil Hanley, Brooke Van Poppelen, Gary Gulman Season 4, Ep 5 08/23/2013 Views: 13,041

Brooke Van Poppelen thinks she knows what tastes good on romaine lettuce, until she comes face to face with an undefeated salad warrior. (2:22)

Aw, New York.I love you.

This is great.I, uh--

I actually just spentsome time in L.A. on the beach.

And it's intimidatingbeing around, like,

all those tiny bathing suitsand hard bodies.

Like, it made me reallyhomesick

for New York Citypublic beaches.

Like, for real.

Like, I was at Coney Islandone time,

and I saw a fatRussian guy

just walk straightinto the ocean

wearing a velour tracksuit.

That guy got it,you know?

He was, like, neck-deepin the ocean

with, like,a sandwich in one hand

and a cigar in the other.

He was like, "It's friggin'beautiful in here."

It's like, these are my peopleand my beaches.

I can't stand all thesesalad restaurants

popping upall over the place.

Like, they've gotstupid names,

like You Chop It.

It's like,"Toss your own salad."

And they're awful,

because they trick youinto thinking

that, like,making your own salad

is, like, fast,fun and easy.

And you walk in

believing you knowwhat tastes good on a salad.

But then you get in line

and you [BLEEP]forget everything.

Everything.It's so intimidating.

You start sweating.

You get up to, like,the counter,

and there's just likethis small Latino dude

with, like, a metal bowland tongs,

just mad-dogging you.

Like some sort of undefeatedsalad warrior.

You're going down.

It's crazy. And you have to picksix ingredients.

Like, I always start outreally confident.

I'm like, "Romaine."

Then it gets in my head,second ingredient.

I'm like, "Apples?"

I don't know.Then I just lose my mind

with the third ingredient.

I'm like, "Candy corn."

Then I black out...

and I wake upat the register

with a $19 dome of [BLEEP]that I have to eat.

I go, take it in the cornerwith the other panicked people

who are, like, shamefully eatingtheir salads.

I open it up.I'm like, Oh, good.

For my last three ingredientsI chose mandarin oranges,

eggs and safety pins.