Tommy Johnagin - Dating an Older Woman

Tommy Johnagin Season 3, Ep 3 06/13/2014 Views: 11,580

Tommy Johnagin had no idea what he was getting himself into when he moved in with his girlfriend. (1:38)

I live in Los Angeles now.

I live with my girlfriendin Los Angeles, which I like.

I just didn't know thatwhen you move in with someone,

you have to eat and go to sleepat the same time,

like two cellmatesthat got processed together.


That was a nice detail;

I feel like a warningwould have helped, a bit.

Move in together,

just give me a toothbrushand a schedule.

"Welcome to The Rock:

Lights out at 10:00, House Hunters till 11:00."


I have no interestin seeing someone buy a house

in Cleveland.

You know what I mean?

"This new couple'slooking for a starter home

in the outskirts of Cleveland."

Get out of my TV,you're ruining my night.

I don't want to see it.

Sounds like a bummer to me.

I don't carewhat your budget is,

it's the outskirts of Cleveland.

She's nine years older than I amand I enjoy it, I like it.

I like being withan older woman.

I like it.

Aside from constantly worryingthat she's going to pass away...


love it.

I think it's the bee's knees,as she would say.


find it, just to be,the cat's pajamas.

Don't take a drink while you doa joke, is what they say.

"Let me drink."

The problem isn't that she'snine years older.

The problem is that her friendsare nine years older

and I don't, uh,do well with those people.

I get warningsevery time we go out.

One time, she actually saidthe words, "Don't embarrass me,"

and I got upset, until,literally, two hours later,

I was, like, "I'm sorrythat I embarrassed you.

I thought it would be funny."

That was the exact apology.