"Hey It's Fluffy!" - New Girl Pt. 2

Steve Simeone & G Reilly Season 3, Ep 4 10/25/2014 Views: 961

After getting struck by lightning and saved by Fluffy, Martin comes to an important realization about his life. (1:51)

So, did you bringyour tinfoil?

You know,Derrick,

I did bring my tinfoil hat.

But my friend Fluffysaid something very important

that really made me think.

Fluffy is my oldest friend,

and in this commodified society,

that means something.

On the other hand...


Fluffy, help!

No heartbeat!

And with this storm,there's no way

an ambulance cancome here in time.

He-he needs mouth-to-mouth,

but everyone herefailed the CPR course

except for Fluffy.

No. Come on.

Let's try the ambulance.


Let's try the ambulance!

He's lookinggood.


Fluffy? I don't wantto die anymore.

You better not,

because I'm not kissing youagain, Martin.

(smacking lips)

Ew, what is that?

Fish and chips?

So, Martin, youdon't want to die?

Derrick,I'm all yours.


Guys! Do you hear that?

It sounds likeMartin's grandma

is crawling outfrom the cemetery.



GRANDMA (muffled):Martin...


Grandma, no!

Don't drag me to hell with you!


I wasn't in hell,you idiot.

I took a freaking napand woke up in a casket.

Who are these two?

Jane, myex-girlfriend,

and Derrick, the guywho stole her from me.

You hurt my grandson?!

Please don't kill me.Please, no! Ah! No!

I guess there's no guy out therewho loves death as much as I do.

So disappointing.


You wereright, Fluffy.

That girl wasunusually stupid.

Sad but true.

You guys, that's our show.