Tracy Morgan - True Love

Tracy Morgan: One Mic Season 1, Ep 101 08/26/2002 Views: 6,001

When Tracy Morgan was young and in love, he spent a lot of time pacing and weeping outside of his ex-girlfriend's window in Brooklyn. (2:48)

I don't want you all to justthink I'm some perverted...

I know what love is.

You never know what love isuntil you lose it.

We've all been stuck in love.

Can't eat, can't sleep.

She break up with you--you under her window.

"Boo!" 3:00 in the morning.

"Boo! Boo!"

She come to the widowin her nightgown

and won't even open the window.

She just be lookingat you like this.

Looking at you like you stupid.

You're under the windowcrying like this, pacing.

"I'm tellin' you, man.I love you, man.

"Just one more chance, baby.

"One more chance.

"Open the window.

"Open the window for once.

How you doing, Ms. Baylor?How you doin'?"

( whispering )

( scattered laughter )

Try to walk away sad.

( applause )

Soon as youget down the block

you got to throwyour bop on, though.

Everybody on the porch in frontof the building--

you can't let them see you soft.

No consideration, man.

I know I had this female, man.


I was dealing with herin Brooklyn, man

and I was young-- I was dumb.

She loved me, man.

I knew she loved me 'causeshe had... she cooked me--

beef and broccoli-- she cookedme beef and broccoli

and Rice-A-Roni.

( laughter )

That was the San Franciscotreat, you know what I'm sayin'?

Right there in Brooklyn.

I had it. I had a good one.

I let her get away.

That was the one got away,and I lost it, man.

'Cause I... she got shotin the neck, right?

( laughter )

Jealousy goingget y'all nowhere, man.

( laughter )

And I was with her throughthe whole hospital thing.

The whole rehabilitation--everything.

'Cause she had to get oneof them trigonometry joints.

( with distorted voice ):And would sound like this.

She had to get one of these,you know what I'm saying?

It was cool, you know?

It was cool for awhile,'cause I'm a freak.

We used to be making loveand she'd be like:

( distorted voice ):"Oh, Tracy, I love you.

"Oh, I love you, Tracy.

"Oh, give it to me.

"Oh, Tracy,put it in my butt.

I want to try somethingdifferent."

( laughter )

You know?


"Oh, ( bleep ).

"Ah! Ah!

Right there! Right there!Right there!"

( erotic moaning )

"Ah! Ah!"

( laughter and applause )