Kyle Kinane - Medieval Times Distraction

Kyle Kinane Season 15, Ep 10 02/25/2011 Views: 14,897

Kyle Kinane's girlfriend takes something he is fantastic at and makes a mockery of the whole thing. (2:32)

I'm all workedup-- I'm excited.

We file in--We take our seats.

And this is the moment that,uh, the girl I'm dating--

This is whenshe decides

she's gonna spiceup the relationship.

Here... at theMedieval Times.

[audience laughter]

This is when she's gonnatake the initiative--

Sex it up.

She, uh, tries throwin' mean H.J. under the table.

[audience laughter]

Heej-- She's tryin'to throw me a heej.

[deleted] job, guys.

It's a [deleted] job.

[laughter and applause]

There's onlyso many ways

I can dress up the termfor ya, all right?

Tryin' to book me a room atthe hojo under the table here.

[audience laughter]

Now, thething is...

I already-- Okay,that's not classy.

It's not classy'cause we're sittin'--

We're out to eat--

It's not classy--You doin' this.

Not only is it not classy'cause we're sittin'

by your mom andsleeveless Rick,

but this isMedieval Times.

This is an arena--It's stadium seating.

It is tiered seating!

There's a guyright there!

Anybody with half way decentvision on the other side

of that thing is lookin'right at what's goin' on here.


But now, you're tryin'to do this to me

at Medieval Times when I'msurrounded by awesomeness.

Don't distractme with this.

There's a falconflying over head.

[audience laughter]

We got-- There's a grownman dressed like a knight

about to joustanother grown man!

Don't pester mewith this right now.

We gotta root forthe green knight.

I don't knowwhat happens.

He's a-- He needsour support.

We're in thegreen section.

I don't know whathappens if we win.

Maybe we geta free desert.

I don't want to find our bylosing to the red section.

They've been jerksall night over there.

[audience laughter]

Ya know?

There's noth-- There'snothin' worse than finding out

what you could've won becausethe losers got in your face.

Like, thereds are just--

"Oh, we got delicioushot fudge sundaes.

You shouldn't have beenmessin' around with the h.j.'s

'cause we got delicioushot fudge sundaes

like they hadin medieval times.

And furthermore,all you're doing is--

you're doin' something tome that I have perfected.

[audience laughter]

You're taking--

[cheering and applause]

You're taking something--

You're taking somethingthat I am fantastic at

and you're just making amockery of the whole effort.

[audience laughter]

It be the same thing,like, if I said to you--

If I was-- If I was,like, said to you listen

I know you know how to putyour makeup on perfectly,

but what say tonightI give it a shot, huh?