Wil Sylvince - Failed English

Dillon Garcia & Wil Sylvince Season 2, Ep 3 10/18/2012 Views: 15,284

Wil Sylvince's father couldn't understand why Wil's grades were so low. (2:27)

but I always failed Englishand my dad would always get mad

'cause, you know,my dad came from Haiti.

He figured we shouldtake-take advantage of these

education opportunities and...b-but I was just bad in English.

And my dad wouldjust scream and get mad.

(with accent): "Why you,why you mess up English?

"Why your gradesso low like that?

"Why you, why you, why you,why you mess up your grade,

"your grade in Englishlike that?

"Why you do that?

"Your grade, they are so low,so low in the garbage.

(whistling, cheering)

"Why you...

"Why you, why you,why you do that?

Your grades so low?"

"Well, maybe 'causemy English at home

"ain't the same Englishas school.

That's why I do that."

You ever had your motherpoint with her mouth?

My mother used to pointwith her mouth, then get mad

when we couldn't figure out whatthe hell she was pointing at.

"Get my hat.

And my coat."

"Get my hat.

And my coat."

"Mom, there's six hatsand seven coats."

"Mom, take all of them.

I don't know which oneyou're talking about."

"Why you bring all that?

"I said that hatand that coat and you bring

all the hat, all the coat."

"I will...

I will eat..."

She used to tell us this:

"I will, I will kill your face,your face finished."

"I'm-I'm five, Ma,what are you talking about?

I need my face, please,don't kill my face."

My mother used to take me

and my brothersChristmas shopping, right?

So, she could, we couldpick out our own toys,

so she didn't feel likeshe was wasting her money.

But she'll neverpick the toys we wanted.

Like, why don't you justgo by yourself, Mama?

You gonna pickyour own toys anyway.

She be like, "What, whatdo I pick at the...

what, what, what toy you want?"

"Mom, I want the He-Man doll."

"You cannot have that."

"What the hell wecome out here for then?"

Remember the He-Man doll?

Everybody remember the actionman where the arm turn around?

The leg go up and down,remember that?

Came with accessories.

I ain't get that, she got methe little green army men.

Remember that?

Army men, they didn't move,they stood still, like:

Grenade man.

Or this guy right here.