Panel - The Aftermath of Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal

July 6, 2016 - Bassem Youssef 07/06/2016 Views: 3,862

Bassem Youssef, Rory Albanese and Mike Yard weigh in on whether Hillary Clinton's untruthful statements about her emails could cost her the presidential election. (7:30)

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Okay, so we showed thisearlier in the show.

A mash-up that Morning Joe didof Hillary talking

a year ago about her e-mails,

and the FBI's James Comeyreporting yesterday.

Check it out again.

I thought it would be easierto carry just one device.

She also used numerousmobile devices

to send and to read e-mail.

So that the e-mails were

immediately capturedand preserved.

There was no archivingat all of her e-mails.

There were no security breaches.

It is possible thathostile actors gained access.

There is no classifiedmaterials.

110 e-mails containedclassified information.

Good morning.

-(laughter) -It's just funnyevery time. -Yeah.

Uh, Bassem, you're asophisticated gentleman.

I'm going to ask you directly--did she lie?

Well, I can only think of onething as she's saying that--

"I did not have sexwith this woman."

-(laughter)-I mean she is ready...

WILMORE:That's what it feels like!

-She is ready to be president.-I know.

She is doingwhat presidents do best.

-WILMORE: Oh. Okay.-YARD: Yeah, right.

-They lie, and it works.-WILMORE: Yeah.

-Yeah.-And it worked for her. Denial.

-You just, like, yeah, deny.-WILMORE: Deny, deny, deny.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,she's ready. She's ready.

-She's ready. -Right.That Eddie Murphy joke, right?

Just put herin the office already.

It's like that Eddie Murphy jokefrom Raw. "It wasn't me."

-Yeah.-Yeah, but isn't it...?

"I saw you (bleep) her!""It wasn't me."


-And maybe it wasn't you.-WILMORE: Well, the old joke is

who are you gonna believe?Me or your lying eyes?

-YARD: Exactly.-ALBANESE: Yeah. -YOUSSEF: Yeah.

Isn't it...? Yeah, like,

they all lie,but isn't that like a...

a bad place we've gone tothat we accept that?

-Like, look at David Cameron.-YARD: I know. -Mm-hmm.

How cool was that? He's, like,"Yeah, I blew it. See ya."

Like, wow, that's cool.Why don't we ever get

-people like that? Who are like,"You know what?" -But-but...

-"I'm an asshole. I got to go."-But kind of that's the other...

That's the other sideof the spectrum.

-"Yeah, I screwed up. Sue me."-Mm-hmm. -Yeah.

-WILMORE: Right. -You can'tdo anything. I mean...

ALBANESE: Well, Trump willsue you just for saying it.

-Right. -But Trump is like,"Yeah, I'm a racist. Yeah."

-Mm-hmm. -Mm-hmm. Yeah.-And people love it.

-"Yeah." -YARD: It's amazing,though, how she looked at

that camera,there were no classified...

-WILMORE: Yeah.-I grew up with dudes

-that could look at you and lie,just lie. -Yeah. -Yeah.

And they all locked you,so it's even better.

-WILMORE: I feel like you kindof... Right. -(laughter)

-And by the way... -Yeah.I almost sense ad...

I almost sense admiration

-from this panel for it. -YARD:You know, listen, I'm not...

YOUSSEF:I'm just pragmatic.

-I understand. I get it.-She didn't forget, man.

-No.-She don't have a tell.

Do you know how much moneyshe can make playing poker?

-She don't have a (bleep) tell,dude. -She does not have a tell.

She already made enough moneyjust from,

like, giving a few speecheson Wall Street.

I don't know why

she doesn't just usethat grandma card again.

"I don't know how things work.

-I just don't know. I'ma grandma." -YARD: But, hey...

Hey, listen, first of all,that is...

I mean, people go,"I believe her." You know?

If she wasn't lying since 1975,the grandma excuse would work.

-I know, right?-Grandma-In-Chief here.

Plus, I feel like that'sdisrespectful to grandmas, okay?

-'Cause my mother's a grandma.-No... Yeah.

And she got bettere-mail security

-than (bleep) Hillary Clinton.-(laughter)

-Really? Really? -Really.You want to e-mail my mother,

-you got to e-mail my sister.-Yeah.

-My mother don't get (bleep)directly, dawg. -WILMORE: Yeah.

Come-come November,will the average person

even care about this typeof thing, do you think?

It's-it's just like elongatedas like a 57 playoff...

-Uh, it's-it's too long.-Yeah.

And I think you should profitfrom this,

kind of like sell tickets...

-Mm-hmm.-because everybody's

-watching you guysfrom out there. -Right.

-And I don't know why...-Yeah.

I mean, back there,

-where I come from,-Mm-hmm.

we just have a guywith a couple of tanks

and he just takes power.

-Yeah.-And he's there for life.

-It's simple.-And-and he's there for life.

-Ah. -That simple.-And-and-and, and that,

like a life presidencyis like first term.

-It's like that's it?-ALBANESE: Yeah.

And you guys are spendingthat much money,

-I know. -and you'reending up with Trump?

-I mean...-That's what I...

-No! -We just go therelike a soldier...

WILMORE: Wait, wait. Calm down.

We haven't ended upwith Trump yet.

-ALBANESE: No, but the thing...-You're close.

The thing you descri...the thing...

Bassem, the thing you describedis our Congress.

You know, we have them forever,you know.

-But they just don't have tanks.-YOUSSEF: It's time to extend it

-They have motorcades-to presidency.

that we pay for, you know.

What does the restof the world think of us

when they seeour political process,

especially this year?

Very entertainingand very disturbing.

And seriously, you, like,if you go to Times Square,

like those lines,if you just, like, sell tickets.

But like, this...seriously, guys,

I think the only peoplewho are profiting from this

-are the news networks.-Yeah, of course.

I mean, this is the only placewhere they have the rating.

-I mean, you need...-ALBANESE: By the way,

you have to say "news networks."

-Yeah, yeah, "news."-That's just the... yeah, yeah.

Y-You need a year and halfto know a candidate? Come on.


We already know they're (bleep).

Well, it's a big job,it's a big job.

-Do you need a year anda half... -Right. know this?

They're already, like,

corrupted, lying, racist,xenophobic, whatever.

You-you don't need a yearand a half to know all of this.

Well, we need to find out...

we need to find out if the pieceof (bleep) lands on our side.

-Yeah.-That's what we're looking for.

We are really ina situation now,

like this Hillary thing,to me, is bad,

because I was leaningtowards Hillary,

'cause of Trump being horribleand then, now I'm like, oh!

You know, I think that'swhere everyone's at.

That's why the-the statwe had yesterday was,

I think, 13% of America

-is hoping for a-a meteor-WILMORE: Right.

to destroy Earth.

-That was...-And that's like...

-And I'm kind of like...-That was a true story.

I'm not lying, I'm kind of...

I'm kind of gettingon the bandwagon.

-You know?-Well, I'll be honest with you,

I was, I was happywhen Deez Nuts was trending.


Remember that?

-I would, I... -Say what--say what you want to be--

about Deez Nuts,but he, you know,

-they make some good points.-WILMORE: He had a shot.

-Deez Nuts.-But-but-but-but-but,

but-but-but seriously, you guys,

like, after just like a couple

of bad candidates and you'rew-wishing for a meteor?

I mean,welcome to the Middle East.

We're like, we are like...

WILMORE:It's so true.

We are screwed for decades!

WILMORE:Yeah, I know.

And it takes you justtwo candidates?

-WILMORE: You guys would,you guys would... -Come on. Donald Trump.-No!

I mean, already like-likesome Americans are like,

"Oh, we got to go to Canada."

ALBANESE:No, they're not.

YARD:Everybody always says that.

WILMORE:We're not going anywhere.

Oh, now-n-n-now you knowhow we feel.

Yeah, yeah.

So, you, maybe you shouldn'treject refugees.

Maybe you should sympathize.

You're like,"Okay, come in, come in."

I'm not, I'm not going anywhere.

I'm staying right here.

Well, everybody-everybodyalways threatens to go to Canada

and then they go to Canadaand they're like, (bleep).

Even America's betterthan Canada.

Brothers never threaten

-to go to Canada, man.-YARD: We ain't going nowhere.

Yeah, it's not like we're gonnablend in all of a sudden there.

YARD: Listen, we made itthrough slavery.

We gonna ride this (bleep) out.


We gonna ride it out.

-We'll see what's left.-(laughing): Yeah.

We'll see what's left here.

We ain't going nowhere.

Do you-- do you-- do you thinkwe'll see President Trump

because of all of this or...

-ALBANESE: No.-What-what do you think?

-Seriously.-Well, well...

okay, I mean, uh,eh, a-a part of me...


...says no, but, like,look at Brexit in Britain.


-I mean, they made it.-Yeah.

They made it.

So, don't underestimatethe power of hate and ignorance

and-and-and-and-and-and fear.

And or-- and just orange skin,you know.

YOUSSEF:Yeah, all right, yeah, yeah.

Or the orange menace,the orange hate...

-Yeah, yeah, yeah.-...the orange fear.

WILMORE: Or-Orange makeseverything better.

Orange fear, oh, my God.

Isn't there-- that a weapon?

You just had a...

YOUSSEF:Agent Orange?

ALL:Agent Orange.

WILMORE:Yeah, yeah.


-It is.-Yeah.

-Agent Orange?-But, uh, but, uh, but...

but unlike, but...

I feel like I got a revelation.

But-but unlike Trump,unlike Trump,

Agent Orange was in Vietnamso it's not the same.

I know, he... I know.

I know.We'll be right back.

We'll see.

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