Paul Scheer - Vine Celebrity The Bling Ringa Xisle

The One Where Hannibal Looks Like "Miami Vice" Season 2, Ep 7 08/11/2015 Views: 2,420

Jonah and Kumail welcome a Vine superstar to the stage to perform his popular six-second sketches live in front of an audience for the first time. (2:25)

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This guy is a massive Vine star.

Yeah.Please welcome to the stage...

vine celebrity,the Bling Ringa Xisle.

The Bling Ringa Xisle, everyone.

What up? Yeah!

Hey, guys, hey, guys,what's up? What's up?

How's it going?

I'm so excited. This is thefirst time I have performedoff of vine.

For the first time ever, I amperforming here live onstage...

and I'm gonna revolutionizecomedy with my very own6-second sets!

Wow! Wow!

Yeah.I'm excited to see that.

Yeah, so if you're a fanof my vine videos...

you're gonna love my stand-up,'cause it's just my vines,but live!

Okay, so like musicians willdo their songs live...

you're doing your vines live.

Exactly, but here's the thing.

Because we're not videotaping itwith a camera that runs outof time in six seconds...

I need you guys to bemy time keepers, okay?

Okay.All right, I could do that.

So you gotta like give me sixseconds, and at six seconds,we cut it off!

Okay, let's just get started,and you can look into thesecameras...

and let me know when to startthe time and I'll let youknow when it's over.

Okay, perfect.You can start... now.

How you know you're datinga dumb girl?

What animal does hummuscome from?


That was perfectly timed.

That was six seconds on the dot.

That's how I go!

Okay.Let me know when you're ready.

This one's calledBusiness Meeting.

Hello? Hold on, please.

What? Sell my stock in bananas.

Who? Now!


You know--

And that's not the onlybanana vine that I do.

I'm known for allmy banana vines.

Check this one out.

Okay, let me knowwhen you're ready.

I think I have a weirdmoustache.

Aye! Ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-bah!

Hello?That's time.