Uncensored - Jesse Joyce - Babies Are Super Easy to Kill

Jesse Joyce, Al Jackson, Tom Rhodes Season 1, Ep 8 06/01/2014 Views: 4,324

Jesse Joyce can say whatever he wants about babies because he knows that they're not going to do anything about it. (1:29)

have to activelykill a baby.

You can just leave it,it'll die all on its own.

That's how easy it is.

I'm just sayingit's easy.

I'm not sayingit's right, but...

It's like, it's like theopposite of a Chia pet

in some crazy way, right?

'Cause you can'tkill a Chia pet.

It's fucking impossible.

You can leave one in a roomfor a decade, lock the door,

come back ten years later.

You're like, shit,that's enormous.

I didn't feedthat one time.

How did that happen?

If you left a baby in a carfor like eight minutes

on kind of a hot day.

Come back, it'llbe a dusty raisin.

They're just supereasy to kill babies.

And that's not acceptable.

That is not right.

Don't do that.

But, some of you are justbucking me on this fucking joke.

What is the problem?

Are you guys afraid this willget back to babies or something?

Is that upsettingto you?

'Cause I promise,I can assure you.

There's no babies here.

We can say anything we wantabout babies, yeah.

We're baby-freeright now.

Come on, guys,get onboard.

Fuck babies! Really.

Fuck 'em, what are they gonnado? Yeah, absolutely.

Right? Fuck babies.

What's gonna happen?

What, are they gonnacome after us?

Right, they can't evenmake tiny fists properly.

They come up to my knee.

If they charge, I cantake 100 at once.

Just (imitates machine gun).

It'd be that easy.

Listen, guys.

The point I'm tryingto make... the point is,

that I have toquit smoking.

That's it for me,my name's Jesse.

You guys have been fun,thanks so much for having me.

Thanks a lot,appreciate it.

Jesse Joyce.

That was great.

We'll be right back.