Exclusive - Key and Peele on Their Favorite Sketch - Uncensored

Season 1, 09/17/2012 Views: 85,742

After Keegan and Jordan discuss their favorite and least favorite sketches, they learn an important lesson about forgiveness and friendship. (2:09)

- My favorite sketch is probably Landlord.

- [Voiceover] Interesting.

- Because, I don't know, it just

moves really well.

The thing is like a locomotive.

It can't be stopped.

- That's your favorite that we did?

- The entire season.

Hands down.

- That's interesting.

I personally, I'm into Shot in the Dick,

I think is probably our most creative

and best executed scene.

Most people's favorite, I'm sure

- Shot in the Dick, not my, it's good,

I like it, I love it.

Actually I love it.

But it's not my favorite.

I'm more into simple, sophomoric

- Simplicity in comedy.

- Humor, one could say puerile.

- I think we were both hilarious

in Shot in the Dick.

- No, no, I wasn't in Shot in the Dick

is the whole point I'm making.

I wasn't in Shot in the Dick.

- Weren't you though?

- I wasn't in it.

That was Colton.

It wasn't me, it was Colton.

- He was hilarious in it though.

Colton our buddy, also a writer.

- Who cares Jordan, how can

Shot in the Dick be your favorite.

- You know, point is taken.

Shot in the Dick is your least favorite

and Landlord is my least favorite.

- Landlord is, I didn'tsay Shot in the Dick

is my least favorite,I'm just saying there's

a lot better scenes than that in the show.

And that's the one thatyou would have picked.

- I am so sorry man.

Landlord is like my favorite.

Buddy, let it out, let it out.

You gotta do it,you gotta do it.


Landlord is so fucking funny dude.

It's so funny.

It's my favorite thing.

- You think so?

Do you think so?

- It's my favorite sketch.

I would have said that but you had

said that already.

You like Shot in the Dick right?

- Love it.

- You like Shot in the Dick.


- I'm sorry.

I was being petty.

- Okay.

- I was being mean.

I was being selfish.

- Tuck it out, tuck it out.

- Let's tuck it out.

- I'll never do anything to jeopardize

our relationship.

- Shot in the Dick isn'tthe best scene again.

They can go to hell.

They can go straight to hell if they

try to take us apart.

We are symbiotic zygote.

Never change.