#HashtagWars - #QuitYourJobIn5Words

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 08/09/2016 Views: 236

Kurt Braunohler, Steve Agee and Emily Heller call it quits at the office using only five words. (1:41)

It's now timefor tonight's #HashtagWars.


Summer's almost over.I'm sorry, it's almost time

to get back to school,get back to work,

working on Sundays,working through lunch,

working overtime--I don't know about you,

but I feel like all my boss does

is make me work,work, work, work, work.

He says me have to work,work, work, work, work.

You know what?I'm sick of this (bleep).

We don't have to put upwith this anymore.

I say we all just quit,as a culture!

I know we've all quit insideand we died a long time ago,

but let's just quitfor real, IRL.

That is why tonight's hashtagis: QuitYourJobIn5Words.

Examples, examples for...examples for QuitYourJobIn5Words

might be:Singled out is coming back;

or: Zombies can talkabout themselves.

I'm gonna put 60 secondson the clock, starting now.

Steve Agee.

I'm all out of sperm.


Oh, geez...

I can't make no more.

All right. Oh, "I can't makeno more" is five words.

Points. Emily.

Uh, surgical glovesare for nerds.

Points. Kurt.

I am quitting this job.


Steve Agee.

Boss said I'm not very goodat counting.


-Kurt.-Leaving Chili's for Chili's 2.

-Points. Emily.-(laughter)

Um, more like Not Topic.

All right, points.


Not good working with saws.



Count 'em.