Brendon Walsh - Rubber Ass

Brendon Walsh Season 1, Ep 5 05/25/2012 Views: 8,709

Brendon Walsh contrasts how female and male friends talk about sex toys. (2:45)

Like, at a bachelorette party.

Like, "Susan, I bought youthe new Rabbit Excel 2000E

"with Electro Fade

"that (bleep) pops and locksall up in your gut.

"Give it a shot.

"Just get upfrom the dinner table,

"go in the bathroomand try it out.

Why don't you give that a shot?"

Guys don't have that.

I mean, th-there's...there's stuff for guys.

But it's not, like, acceptableto have, like...

I mean, in the dildo placeI was at,

there's, you know,it's all vibrators in the front.

Brightly lit, very nice place.

Millions of varietiesof vibrators.

And then you go in the back,

near, like, the dirty moviesand stuff.

And there were a few thingsfor guys.

And one of them is just like--

It's just like a rubber ass.

It's like a rubber ass-vaginacombination thing.

It's like...

It's like they chop the ladyin half

and then saw both her legs off

and then you justhave that part.

It's a ass (bleep) combination.



You can't have that.

Like, what,are you going to own that?

You gonna keep thatin your apartment?

A rubber ass-vagina combination?

Think you're coolwith having that laying around

at your place?

Like, what if you...

What if you go out to, like,

get a pack of smokesor something?

And you get run over by a carand you die?

Your family and friends

are gonna have to gothrough your stuff.

They're gonna find your rubberass-vagina combination.

Like that's the wayyou're gonna go out.

That's how you're gonnabe remembered

no matter what you didyour whole life before that.

They'll be like, "Yeah, yeah,

"I know, you did a lotof great stuff,

but did you hearwhat they found at his place?"





You could be Stephen Hawking.

And they'll be like,

"Yeah, I know, he did a bunchof genius stuff,

but did you hear about...the rubber ass-vagina?"

(à la Stephen Hawking):Where is my rubber-ass vaginasituation?

I need to bang that.