Joe Rogan - A Vegan's Favorite Thing to Say

Joe Rogan: Rocky Mountain High Season 1, Ep 1 11/21/2014 Views: 70,891

Joe Rogan dismantles one of many arguments that vegans make against the consumption of dairy. (1:41)

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So if this ever comes up,

please feel free to use this.

"Do you know that humansare the only animal

to drink the milkof other animals?"

Like, whoa, that's so crazy.

You know what elseonly people do?

Fly planes,

make movies,

call each other on the phone,

and tell each otherhow awesome milk is.

What the [bleep] kindof goofy ass point is that?

That is so poorly thought out.

Are you trying to say thatother animals don't want milk?

You ever give your dog a bowlof milk, he's like, "Dude,

where the [bleep]did you get this shit?"

He doesn't stopand go, "Hey, man,

"is this organicfree-range dog milk,

'cause if it's not,[bleep] off, pig."

Your dog--your dogcan't believe it's cold.

"How is it coldbut it's warm outside?

Are you a wizard?"


Your dog would eat a bowlof dog assholes

if you put it in his bowl,all right.

It's notlike there's a moral quandary.

Oh, should I drink milk?

No, they're too [bleep]ingdumb to farm.

That's what's going on.

"Oh, man, you know,you think you're funny now.

"Tell all the jokes you want,but milk is bad for you.

Milk causes cancer."

I've got news for you.

If you get cancer from milk,you're a [bleep]ing pussy, okay.

My grandfather ate cigarettes,and he lived to be 1,000.

Mine died when he was only 25.

What happened?Dairy.

He was eating yogurt,and he died,

but he died doing what he loved.

Died a guywho lived on the edge.

They don't eat honey.

That's how you know vegansare completely ridiculous.