Space Invaders

Anthology of Interest II Season 4, Ep 3 02/05/2008 Views: 37,402

Fry breaks out the Rush mix tape to pilot New New York's defense against an alien invasion. (2:01)

( all gasping )

Invaders! Possibly from space!

People of Earth, I am Lrrrof the planet Nintendu 64.

Tremble in fear at our threedifferent kinds of ships.

All right, it's Saturday night.

I have no date,a two-liter bottle of Shasta

and my all-Rush mix tape.

Let's rock.

♪ Today's Tom Sawyer,he gets high on you ♪

♪ The space he invadeshe gets by on you... ♪

We're losing ships, Lrrr.

What are your orders?

Increase speed, drop downand reverse direction.

I've still got a trick or twoup my sleeve.

Watch as I fire upwardsthrough our own shield.

( all gasp )

He's a madman. A madman!

It's working.

Victory is assured.

My retirement tomorrowwill be all the sweeter.

( screams )

I'm hit!

So cold.


Amy, tend to thewidow Pacman.

( sobbing )


( sobbing )

Drop down and increase speed.

One ship is left only.


Come on, Fry, get it!

It's moving too fast.

Oh, I could never getthe last one.

My brother always got itfor me!

( all gasp )

( laughs evilly )

Drop down, reverse direction,prepare for landing.

( Fry chuckles )