Lauren Lapkus - Jonah's Little Sister

The One with the Coco Season 2, Ep 8 08/18/2015 Views: 4,830

Lauren Lapkus interrupts Kumail and her big brother Jonah to tell some jokes about the guy she has a crush on. (2:09)

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We are very excited to bring upour next comedian.

Our next comic is amazing.[LAUREN] No, let me do it!

Let me do it, I want to go up.

Shut up, Lauren.

[LAUREN]Jonah, shut up!

No, you shut up, Laur--My little sister--

Is that your sister?Shut up! Let me go up!

Why aren't you in the car?

I-- I got out!

Oh, god, that's my littlesister, Lauren.

Come on, let me do stand-up.I ha-- I have a 60-minute set.

Okay, that's the entire season.


You're not a stand-up comedian.You've never done it before.

Because you never let me,please!

I'm gonna-- coming up!

Don't come up to the-- hey!No, no, no!

Yeah? Yeah.You brought your own microphone?

I knew you wouldn't give me one.

Hi, Kumail.

Hey, Lauren, how's it going?Good.

Okay, stop, stop it.

Stop. You shut up!Hey, dude, this is--

Don't, that's my friend.I'm talking to Kumail.

Why is she always so fuckingweird with me? I mean--

She has a crush on you, Kumail.No, I don't!

Yes, you do! You--Oh, my god!

You have all those SiliconValley posters in your bedroom.

They were free from a thing!

Can I try one of my jokeson you guys?

No, Lauren-- no, no!No, don't-- don't!

Please! Okay, um--Lauren, if we--

You'll like it.

No, I don't want to like it.

You can't control what you like.

Don't-- don't-- stop it!

Just do your jokes!Okay, okay!

Um, okay, so, like the othernight I got to go to aneighth-grade birthday party...

and it turns out it wasa make-out party.

And I had to do7 Minutes in Heaven...

but it was more like7 Minutes in Hell,because Kumail wasn't there.

That's not a joke, Lauren.Jonah.

Yes, it is! Yes, it is!That is not a joke!

What's the set-upand the punch line?

The set-up is thatI love Kumail!

Oh, my!